Free wheeling with fifth wheel caravans in Ararat

Do you know what a fifth wheeler caravan is?

There are many advantages to owning a 5th wheel caravan – All caravans and campers can be towed, you can easily detach when you set up camp which leaves you free to explore in your towing vehicle.

Theft would be very difficult, as anyone wanting to steal your caravan would need a hitch and vehicle system similar to yours.

A fifth wheeler sits close behind the tow vehicle so there is less wind drag, which means the set up is more fuel efficient.

A vehicle towing a fifth wheeler has a tighter turning circle than one towing a standard caravan. Reversing is also easier with the fifth wheel caravan as it is stable and doesn’t move from side to side.

A fifth wheel caravan is easier for one person to hitch and unhitch. It uses a turntable hitch so you can just raise the fifth wheeler close to the correct height and back the tow vehicle under the pin.

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