About Overlanda Caravans in Ararat

Caravan Manufacturing, repairs, servicing and accessories for Victoria

Overlanda Caravans was formed in 1976 by Joe Sterpin, who was owner/director until he retired in 2007 and Gerald Hurkens took over ownership. Gerald started his cabinet making apprenticeship with Joe in 1976 and worked his way through the ranks. Gerald moved on from Overlanda in 1981 but remained in the industry and often came back to Overlanda Caravans to assist Joe on different jobs over the years.

With ongoing business upgrades, future developments, continuous research and development along with new innovative ideas.

During 2020 we were aware of the new ROVER system RAV to be implemented and official as of July 1st 2023. With our wonderful team, staying ahead of this system was paramount into the future production of our business.

In 2021 we became familiar of a wonderful Australian manufactured and owned product in BM Pro, with their amazing range of Smart RV and Power Management systems. We have performed many installations and testing the product during this time. We are proud to say we support their continuous improvements

In 2022 we became Authorized Installers of BM Pro Products. Supporting local business is very important.

Now in 2023, fully compliant on the new RAV System, new and exciting CNC machinery for more streamline, accurate work making our processes faster to remain competitive, but more so to ensure quality isn’t compromised for time.  We have also implemented a new store room management system along with many workshop upgrades to help on the production process times.

New CNC Press Brake

We must also talk about our current team which is our most important asset, our team is the most dedicated worldwide. They take the highest pride in the work they perform. From the smallest tasks, to completing the builds at the highest quality level. We are so lucky to have such a diverse team with so many different skill sets. They are very tech savvy and enjoy being able to install complete management systems, controlled via apps, or programming controls via software for our own unique slide out systems.

Overlanda Caravans prides itself on being able to manufacture anything from the smallest box caravans to the largest 48ft fifth wheeler caravans with multiple pullouts. Whether your job is for onsite or complete off grid we can advise all options for a very efficient build, No job is too big or too small. As everything we do is custom-made and unique, we can incorporate almost any of your ideas or requirements. We’ve even built a space ship!

Talk to us about our custom-made caravans in Ararat, plus caravan repairs, servicing and caravan accessories.