5th wheeler caravans in Ararat & Victoria

A fifth wheel caravan is normally towed on a coupling located above the rear axle of a ute, rather than by a vehicle with a tow ball.

The fifth wheel is a horseshoe-shaped coupling on the rear of the towing vehicle which attaches to the coupling pin (or kingpin) on the front of the caravan.

Fifth wheeler caravans originated in North America where huge pickup trucks can easily tow caravans. This enabled a large 5th wheeler caravans (30′ and over) market to develop. The term came to be associated with very big rigs. In the late ’90s, smaller versions which could be towed by a ute were developed in Australia.

Our fifth wheelers are exclusively manufactured in Ararat, they cannot be ordered from a catalogue or imported from overseas. Overlanda Caravans works with you to construct your dream house on wheels. We can adapt any idea or requirement. It can have multiple pullouts and be built as modest or as luxurious as you please.

On the odd occasion we have built tailor-made caravans. However we do not manufacture “run of the mill” model caravans like you see in sale yards. Overlanda Caravans’ custom build one of a kind caravans built specifically for a purpose and to our client’s design. This is our speciality.

We also do caravan repairs, caravan refurbishment and stock caravan accessories in Ararat. PleaseĀ contact us to discuss your needs.

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